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Electric Cable Paper/Presspan

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Item name:Electrical Insulating Cable Paper 

Thickness:40 um --250 um 

Width: 470MM, 625MM,960MM, 1000MM 

Characters & Application:  


•This paper is highly refined and cleaned to ensure uniform thickness and free from formation Pinholes, un-dispersed fiber bundles and tiny defects 

•It is a low-voltage grade insulating paper well suited for making electromagnetic wires, power cables of

transformers below 35kV and other electrical insulating equipments below 35kV

•This paper has stable electrical and chemical properties, and high physical strength to meet the exacting

needs of our valued customers

Used widely as electrical insulation wrap on aluminium and copper wires by conductor manufacturers,

electrical insulation between layers of wound coils in electrical motors, in capacitors, transformers & such

other electrical equipment


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